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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Archives for August 2006

Value Investing Weekly – Issue 4

There was an article in today’s Wall Street Journal regarding bondholders demanding payment due to the lack of timeliness of firm’s reporting their earnings and other financial reports. Primarily, it was hedge funds holding bonds who where effectively placing the firm in default and in some instances demanding reorganization under the Federal bankruptcy laws. This

Review of Jon’s Portfolio

This week, I entered into no new transactions and let my cash sit on the sidelines. Here is the performance of the portfolio versus the major indices; all prices are used from closing of August 29, 2006. Ticker Total Cost Current Value  Gain/Loss AIG $6,626.05 $6,678.00 0.78% CHKE $4,495.47 $4,457.64 -0.84% RSH $5,996.45 $6,003.20 0.11%

Review of Ben’s Portfolio

This portfolio will follow our modernized Benjamin Graham value investing approach, starting with $100,000 and $10 commissions.  Taxes are ignored.  For ease of calculation, cash will not be given any interest. There were no transactions this week. The performance of Intel (INTC) was very good this week.  Marine Products Corp (MPX) and Dollar General (DG) were both

Company of the Week – Johnson & Johnson (JNJ)

The company of the week this week is Johnson & Johnson (JNJ), a manufacturer of a range of products in the healthcare field.  As we did last week, we will be looking reviewing the company using Warren Buffett’s approach for the Business & Management Review.  We will also use Benjamin Graham’s overall philosophies to guide

Know What you are Paying For

When we buy an item we are not paying for just the item itself. We are paying the people who make the item, the people who transport it, the people who sell it, and countless other things from the space the store takes up to their phone bill. If we were only paying for the

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