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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Archives for February 2008

The Market This Week

Market Snapshot Dow                        12,381.02            +96.72                        +0.79% Nasdaq                     2,303.35            +3.57                          +0.16% S&P 500                     1,353.11            +10.58                        +0.79% As Wall Street took the day off on Monday due to President’s Day the world markets were in full swing.

The Market This Week

Market Snapshot Dow 12,348.21 -28.77 Nasdaq 2,321.80 -10.74 S&P 500 1,349.99 +1.13 The market began the week higher as more rate-cuts were again expected with the Federal Reserve meeting on March 18th approaching. Such optimism helped give a slight boost to the retail and homebuilders stocks. But investors still could not shake off worries of

The Market This Week

Market Snapshot Dow 12,743.19 +92.83 Nasdaq 2,413.36 +23.50 S&P 500 1,395.42 +1.22% There is never a dull day on Wall Street and Investors would agree. Yet Monday saw a slight clam compared to the turbulent waves of last week. The Commerce Department released reports of new home sales which were anything but impressive, dropping 4.7