Review of Ben’s Portfolio

Well a week has gone by since I started this portfolio.  After considering buying a few stocks today, I have decided to leave the portfolio unchanged this week.  It still is only 3 stocks – very dangerous diversification level, but I just don’t feel comfortable with any of the stocks I looked at today.  There is no reason to rush into purchases.

This portfolio will follow our modernized Benjamin Graham value investing approach, starting with $100,000 and $10 commissions.  Taxes are ignored.

The performance of the 3 stocks was pretty good this week.  They were all up.  Overall the portfolio outperformed the Dow, but not the S&P 500 this week.  I think that’s pretty good, considering I only have about 20% of the funds invested – the rest are just sitting there doing nothing.

This week’s snapshot: 


Total Cost

Current Value


DG $6,508.70 $6,620.25 1.71%
INTC $6,521.25 $6,806.25 4.37%
MPX $6,510.15 $6,709.05 3.06%
Cash   $80,458.50  
Total $19,540.10 $100,594.05 0.59%
Index Performance     Week’s Change
S&P 500     1.04%
Dow Industrials     0.47%