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Dell announced today that they will be discontinuing their mp3 line and reverting the resources to their core products.  Is this an attempt to get back to their roots?  They have been slipping in their market position for computers, and now they are abandoning their attempt to compete with Apple.  Is this the management admitting they made a mistake?

Jon Markman over at MSNMoney wrote a nice article about how the economy has weathered Katrina over the last year.  He mentions a few companies that have done well and should continue to do well as the rebuilding effort continues.  Of the companies he mentions, only one is on the list of companies we would consider suitable for defensive or enterprising investors.  Bancorp South (BXS) is well suited for the defensive investor following Benjamin Graham’s value investing strategy, but does appear slightly overvalued.

Brice Wightman from provides 7 stocks to watch today.  Of the 7, two appear suitable for the enterprising investor.  Michaels Stores (MIK) reported higher revenues, and Hormel Foods Corp (HRL) also reported higher earnings.

An article in the Wall Street Journal talks about the housing slowdown and its possible effect on the economy.  When you’re done reading the article, be sure to stop by our forum and vote/discuss our weekly poll on whether the slowdown will lead to a recession.

Another article I found interesting with my wedding coming up in a year – iPods are now affecting the demand for Disc Jockeys.

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