Review of Ben’s Portfolio

This portfolio will follow our modernized Benjamin Graham value investing approach, starting with $100,000 and $10 commissions.  Taxes are ignored.  For ease of calculation, cash will not be given any interest.

There were no transactions this week.

The performance of Intel (INTC) was very good this week.  Marine Products Corp (MPX) and Dollar General (DG) were both down on the week, while McClatchy was up slightly.  Overall the portfolio has underperformed the Dow and the S&P 500. However, this is likely because I have a lot of cash still sitting there.  In the weeks ahead I plan on investing the rest of the cash, but if I do not find companies I would like to invest in, there is no need to.  I’d rather have cash gaining 0% interest (and losing 0%) than own a company I don’t have faith in.

This week’s snapshot: 

Ticker Total Cost Current Value %Gain/Loss
DG $9,514.68 $8,856.75 -6.91%
INTC $6,521.25 $7,267.50 11.44%
MNI $6,795.49 $6,863.09 0.99%
MPX $6,510.15 $6,579.00 1.06%
Cash   $70,659.11  
Total $29,341.57 $100,225.45 0.23%
Performance   Week’s Change: Overall:
S&P 500   1.26% 2.31%
Dow Industrials   0.07% 1.56%
Portfolio   0.20% 0.23%

Neither of us held a position in any of the companies mentioned at the time of publication.  Also, please review our disclaimer and Our Methods.

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