Review of Previous Companies of the Week

4 Weeks Ago- Microsoft Corporation (MSFT)

Roughly a month ago we reviewed Microsoft as our company of the week. Our original posting had Microsoft trading at $24.43, as of close on 9/13/06 it is trading at $25.98 which represents a 6% (5.966% to be exact) gain since our first mention. Microsoft has performed extremely well over the past few weeks producing gains that are impressive. News that has come about includes Microsoft announcing today (9/13/06) that they will be increasing their quarterly dividend by one cent ($0.01), creating a quarterly dividend of $0.10/share.

Microsoft is continuing to increase its EPS, and is in healthy financial state. We stand by our analysis and believe that Microsoft has plenty of upside potential remaining. The stock has outperformed the indexes and we believe still has the potential to reach a share price of $37 within a few years. It continues to be suitable for the enterprising investor, but not the defensive.

Jon holds a position in Microsoft, please read our disclaimer.

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