Value Investing Weekly – Issue 7

This week’s issue is going to be shorter than usual, as I have found a great site where you can do some serious reading about value investing that re-enforces everything Ben and I have spoke of. Through Google, you may read (in its entirety if you wish) Bruce Greenwald’s book “Value Investing: From Graham to Buffett and Beyond”. Beyond the text, if you have yet to use Google’s new book scan program you should truly check it out, as you can search for any key terms within a book and the correct page will appear.

I hope you enjoy reading some, or this entire book as it really does a nice job in explaining the techniques of Ben Graham and Warren Buffett. Any new information we can add increases are value investing vernacular. Enjoy!

Value Investing: From Graham to Buffett and Beyond

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*I would also like to add that the debate we have begun to see on the site is great! We are excited to defend our positions, learn other’s, and together as a group learn from each another. Thank you to all that have participated thus far, and please continue to do so. To those that have not yet commented, please challenge our thoughts and present your own!*