Job Hunt is On

Well, it’s recruiting season.  All across the nation, college seniors are applying for positions, heading to job fairs, and tackling interviews.

I am one of them.  I am one among many – but as a number of our readers have mentioned, I do not blend in with the masses.  As my participation in this site displays, I have an intense passion for investments, financial markets, and equity research as well as a strong drive to succeed.

If you are in a hiring position, or know someone who is, for a company that may interest me, please review my resume (Word or pdf) and email me at immediately.  I look forward to speaking with you.

If you’re interested in Jon’s resume and information, please email him at

Also, if you have any job search tips that you feel like sharing, please do.  I’m always open to advice, and I know a lot of other people searching for jobs who would be keen to hear it as well.