Review of Enterprising High ROIC Portfolio

This portfolio is made up of the 15 enterprising stocks that are trading at the highest Return On Investment Capital (ROIC). The first week of each month we will review the list, and make any trades necessary to get the portfolio to match the list. Every week we examine the portfolio’s performance against the S&P 500 and Dow Jones Industrial Average, and reinvest any dividends. The list of enterprising stocks is made by following modernized Benjamin Graham strategies, and ROIC is calculated with a formula based on Warren Buffett’s definition of Owner Earnings and Contributed Capital.

We have decided to provide our list of Enterprising High ROIC companies on a weekly basis. The portfolio will continue to be rebalanced once a month, but the actual list of companies will be updated every week.

Here is this week’s list of Enterprising High ROIC companies:


There were a couple transactions this week as we rebalanced the portfolio. We sold Royal Gold (RGLD) for $5835.40 at a loss of about 10%. We purchased Computer Programs & Systems Inc (CPSI) for $7296.40.

The portfolio has underperformed both the DJIA and S&P 500 indexes this week, but has outperformed them overall.

The snapshot:


Total Cost

Current Value

% Gain/Loss



Last Week

This week



Neither of us holds a position in any of these stocks. Please review our disclaimer and Our Methods.