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Tom Murcko and the rest of his team at recently created what they call their "Stock Helper" investing tutorial.  It is worth checking out at

 The Stock Helper includes 10 steps to investing, though it appears that the 10 steps are also subdivided into about 10 steps each, but that is the case in real world investing.  There are 10 basic steps that can conceptually be done but when you put it into practice it often turns into 100 steps for each purchase. 

 Overall the Stock Helper seems to be a good tool for the average investor; However, we disagree with some of the methods that are mentioned and each individual investor should always learn about the actions and strategies they are considering prior to implementing them.  For example, the strategy of picking stocks at their 52 week high or low is mentioned.  As a purely technical analytical strategy, this may not be the best idea for most investors – in fact it is not the best idea for any investor in our opinion!  Each company must be analyzed thoroughly before purchase and it has been proven that most companies that are trading at their 52 week high are likely to drop from that high.

We were disappointed that the authors mentioned Benjamin Graham in the same paragraph that they were talking about using a technical analysis method, but we were pleased that the greatest investment mind of all time was included in the guide. 

Anyway, you all may enjoy reading the Stock Helper.

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