Who are you, Reader?

We currently have over 1100 subscribers to our RSS feed, and almost 300 subscribers to our daily email of posts.  But we don’t know who anyone who reads our work is. 

 Please take a moment to leave a comment and introduce yourself.  Honestly, you may have noticed that our posting has been rather erratic over the last year.  One of the reasons is that we have been busy, but another reason is that we’re human and we need encouragement just like anyone else. 

We allow comments on all of our posts (if you’re a new poster it won’t show your post right away until one of us reviews it to make sure it isn’t spam but if you use the same user name each time, it should post your comments immediately in the future) and hope that you all take advantage of that.  Even if it’s just a “great post guys!” tidbit. 

 So go ahead and let us know you’re out there.  The number of subscribers is just a number.  Give us some names to go along with it.






4 responses to “Who are you, Reader?”

  1. Joe Value Avatar
    Joe Value


    I’m an interested reader from Adelaide, South Australia. Been reading widely about investing and this includes good blogs such as Modern Graham. I used to run a site in a different field I know it’s a labour of love; keep up the great work.


  2. Options Trader Avatar
    Options Trader

    I am a reader from SoCal. Though I trade with mainly options over the short-term (ofcourse with play money), I am working on my long-term investments and particularly about Graham/Buffet methodology. Thanks for your wonderful analysis and research. Keep up the good work and appreciate what you guys doing out here.

  3. sam221 Avatar

    I’ve been an investor in stocks since Aug 07. My goal is to get a better return on my money than just letting it sit in a savings account. I’ve read Peter Lynch, Ben Graham, and even Crammer and have learned alot. I consider myself an investor instead ofa trader. So, I can use all the help I can find. Thanks for the work you do. I appreciate it.

  4. buffetteer17 Avatar

    Value investor for 3.5 years. Most of my net worth is in a portfolio of 8 stocks plus some options. Currently my portfolio is down 25% from my purchase price, and down 45% from my fair value estimate. Portfolio turnover is about 25%/year.

    stocks (85% of portfolio): CRYP, CSCO, EBAY, GRMN, JAKK, JNJ, RAIL, WFMI.

    call options (5% of portfolio): out-of-the money LEAPs for 7 big banks: BAC, C, COF, JPM, STI, USB, WFC. This is my lottery ticket.

    put options (10%): put options on SPX (S&P 500 index) at various strike prices from 800 to 1350. This is my insurance against a big market crash. I only paid 5% of my portfolio for these options at last year’s market highs; they’re currently up quite a bit.

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