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Friday, June 22, 2018

Archives for July 2008

New Feature – DJIA Analysis and Portfolios

We are introducing a new feature!  Each Tuesday, we will be posting an analysis of the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA).  In this analysis, we will show all components which pass our tests for the defensive and/or enterprising investor, our current valuation, and the previous day’s closing price on the company.  We will also determine our

Monday Q&A

A question came in regarding our use of a weighted average.  lppm05 wants to know how we calculate the weighted average when determining our figure for EPSmg.  What we do is use a sum-of-the-years-digits method for the average.  For example, using Microsoft (MSFT), here are the last five years of diluted EPS (note their fiscal

Monday Q&A – and An Update on Our Survey

This week’s main question comes from dhannum, who asked what our tests are for the defensive and enterprising investors (something that I will add to the “Our Methods” page soon).  Our tests come from Benjamin Graham’s The Intelligent Investor, chapters 14 and 15.  We’ve made some minor updates to the criteria that he originally provided.  For example,

The Future of ModernGraham.com Survey

We are looking into options to improve our site and offer new features.  Please take a moment to fill out our survey.  It is only 5 short questions and your response would be extremely helpful to us. Click Here to take survey Thank you!