ModernGraham Value Investing Search Engine

We have just created the ModernGraham Value Investing Search Engine, powered by Google Search.  Using this search engine, you can search through a number of websites that are focused on value investing.  We believe this will be a very useful tool for investors seeking to research companies for potential investment based on a Benjamin Graham or Warren Buffett investing strategy.  Go ahead and give it a try – enter a company name, ticker, or whatever keyword you can think of and see how it works!

In order to have the search engine be as useful as possible, we are in need of volunteers to help us index many more value investing pages.  If you’re interested in helping, or just want to recommend a site for the index, please contact

Since we have created the search engine, our readers now have a couple different options for searching on our site – which can be seen at the top of our right sidebar.  The top search bar is for searching our site ONLY.  The second search bar is for using the new search engine.

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