New Layout and Features

ModernGraham has a new look!  Along with changing our WordPress theme – the old one wasn’t supported anymore so I couldn’t make too many changes – I have added a new system of organizing our valuations.  Take a look at the “Browse Valuations” link in our navigation bar and you’ll find a user friendly system to find companies that we are tracking.

We’ve also added a Valuation Calculator.  Use the calculator to determine what the estimate of value ModernGraham would give to a company, based on our version of Benjamin Graham’s formula (EPS*(8.5+2g)).  You will need 10 years of Diluted Earnings Per Share for the company you are trying to value.

For now, there are only 4 companies listed, but we hope to add some every day or so as the process isn’t all that difficult now.  When we do add new companies or update the ones we have, we’ll make a post about the update.  Here’s the list for today:








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