Survey Results & Looking Ahead

Last year we ran a survey to determine what our readers want.  We had a good response from the survey and have since decided to make some changes to the site.  In this post I will outline the results of the survey and explain where we are planning to go with the site going forward.

89% of our survey respondents like or strongly like our site.  We believe this is a good sign of the quality of the site, and we’d like to maintain that level of satisfaction.  However, 37% said that they did not like the site’s overall appearance.  As a result, we recently re-designed the site to have a bit more of a professional and streamlined appearance.  I hope everyone likes it more now (we certainly think it was an improvement!).

Not a single person said they do not like our valuations.  In fact, over 54% of the responses indicated they “strongly like” the valuations.  We have decided that the bulk of my work on the site will be to do more valuations (currently hoping to have 10 per week). 80% of people would like to see coverage of the S&P 500 companies, and that is an area we are pursuing. We have also added an area to make it easier to find and browse our valuations.

Readers are not quite as interested in commentary, but in an effort to build the site and continue the commentary aspect, we are looking for more writers.  We are seeking people who are interested in writing a monthly or weekly column on the site, or even just do an occasional guest piece.  For bloggers, this could be an excellent way to gain exposure to your blog with our readership base.  For anyone else, it can be a fun and rewarding way to use your own investing knowledge. If you’re interested, please contact Ben at

Our portfolio tracking feature was the least liked.  54% of the respondents were “neutral” towards this part of the site and we plan to scale back our efforts here.

89% of respondents indicated they were interested in a valuation calculator, and we have created one here: Valuation Calculator

Though a number of people were willing to pay for some of these features, we have decided that it is in the best interest of our site to remain free to all readers.  We will continue to have ads to support our efforts, but our mission has always been to educate more readers about Benjamin Graham’s Value Investing approach.

Finally, an overwhelming number of responders were interested in reading a book on Value Investing if we wrote it. This project is in the works, and you should expect to see another survey related to it soon.






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