Introducing ModernGraham’s Friday Linkfest

Due to the popularity of our recent hosting of the Festival of Stocks, I am introducing a new feature called “ModernGraham’s Friday Linkfest.”

Beginning next Friday, I will be posting a list of the best links of the week.  I’ll collect what I find most interesting during the week, and will take submissions of articles that readers find interesting.  Here are some rules for submissions:

  • The deadline is Wednesday nights at midnight.
  • If you have a blog of your own, please do not submit your own posts.  If you include a link to your website in the remarks section of the submitting form, I will be sure to note (and link to) your site.
  • A preference is made towards posts and articles that deal with investing; however, there are countless other topics that are extremely interesting.  The “deal with investing” guideline will be defined very broadly.
  • I will separate the links that I find interesting from the links that are submitted by others.
  • Please submit as many articles that you want; however, if you are planning to submit more than 2 or 3, please e-mail me direct with a list.  If you submit 5 or more, I will separate your submissions from the rest.

To make a submission, visit the “ModernGraham Friday Linkfest” on BlogCarnival.

Thanks for sumbitting your favorite reads of the week, and I hope everyone finds this to be enjoyable!







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