Enterprising Value Portfolio – 10 Undervalued Companies for the Enterprising Investor

dollarOn the second Thursday of every month, we will screen our database for the 10 companies trading at the lowest ratio to their intrinsic value, as determined by our formula, and that are suitable for the enterprising investor.  These 10 companies will be placed in a mock portfolio and rebalanced to have a 10% allocation to each company. The starting value of the portfolio is $100,000.00. Dividends will be reinvested in the portfolio.

To see the portfolio, you can view this google spreadsheet.

This month, the screen resulted in the following companies being targeted:

The following transactions were made this month:

  • Bought 212 shares of TDW for $9,983.08.
  • Bought 325 shares of ISH for $10,013.25.
  • Bought 234 shares of BHI for $9,982.44.
  • Bought 198 shares of CB for $9,981.18.
  • Bought 400 shares of UNH for $10,016.00.
  • Bought 573 shares of OLN for $9,993.12.
  • Bought 184 shares of GR for $9,998.56.
  • Bought 265 shares of GRMN for $10,001.10.
  • Bought 232 shares of NOV for $10,006.16.
  • Bought 116 shares of NPK for $10,035.16.

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2 responses to “Enterprising Value Portfolio – 10 Undervalued Companies for the Enterprising Investor”

  1. Phil Avatar

    Are you really making these purchases or is this a simulation portfolio ?

  2. Benjamin Clark Avatar

    All of the portfolios on this site are simulations (aka mocks). I wish there was enough money to have them be actuals, but alas, there is not.

    Instead we focus on exploring different techniques without expending funds.

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