Updated Valuations – Week of 1/4/2010

You can view more company valuations by visiting the valuations database in the navbar.  There are 145 companies in the database including all 30 components of the Dow Jones Industrial Average!

Due to the increasing number of companies in the database and the amount of time involved, I will only be updating on a three-month basis companies  that are Enterprising or Defensive.  Companies that are considered speculative will only be updated once a year.

The following companies were updated this week:

Don’t forget to check out the valuation calculator.

In addition, we are looking for more contributors.  If you’re interested in being a guest writer or a full-time contributor, please contact us.

FULL DISCLOSURE:  Author did not own any of the above companies at time of publication.






2 responses to “Updated Valuations – Week of 1/4/2010”

  1. ruben Avatar

    Hi Benjamin,

    I’m a true believer in focusing on earnings perfomance and a fan of your blog. As the founder of http://www.equityhive.com, I’ve build up a substantial data and analytics website with a robust set of tools to easily analyze companies, earnings and management performance based on Graham’s philosophy. These tools can be embedded on any site for free. I’m reaching out to you for feedback on the site and the tools. I’ve created a sample report specifically for you. …Check it out and let me hear your thoughts.

    feel free to contact me at,
    ruben [at] equityhive [dot] com

  2. ruben Avatar

    sorry forgot to include the link to the report.


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