Introducing ModernGraham Stocks & Screens

MG Stocks and ScreensYou’ve read the ModernGraham Valuations, now you can easily review them and see a number of different screens!  Starting this month, you can purchase a copy of ModernGraham Stocks & Screens.  This monthly publication includes a listing of all the companies reviewed by ModernGraham* in a handy table with some key figures.  It then proceeds to screen the companies regarding different topics.

Inside, you will find screens for:

  • Undervalued Companies
  • Fairly Valued Companies
  • Overvalued Companies
  • Defensive Investor Companies
  • Enterprising Investor Companies
  • Speculative Companies
  • Lowest PEmg Ratio – Defensive Investor
  • Lowest PEmg Ratio – Enterprising Investor
  • NCAV

In addition, you can review ModernGraham’s valuation of the Dow Jones Industrial Average as a whole and its individual components!

For only $2.99 this month’s edition can be yours to download to your eReader** or computer.  However, for a limited time you can get a copy for 50% off using the coupon code BB24Y.  That means you could get a copy for only $1.50!  Don’t delay – the coupon expires on Sunday, December 1!  Get your copy here!

Finally, please leave a review or a comment with suggestions for improvements.  I want this product to be a valuable tool for your enjoyment!***

*This month’s edition includes 36 companies reviewed since ModernGraham relaunched in October 2013, including all 30 components of the Dow Jones Industrial Average.  In coming months, this monthly eBook will contain additional companies as they are added to the ModernGraham review list.

**Note – you may need to change the text size to small to view the tables in full on your eReader.  I also recommend viewing it in landscape mode, if possible.

***As always, ModernGraham makes no recommendations for investments in specific situations.  Please consult a registered broker or investment advisor regarding your individual investment decisions.

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