ModernGraham Stocks & Screens: January 2014 Issue Now Available!


The next edition of ModernGraham Stocks & Screens is now available!  Inside this monthly publication is a listing of all the companies reviewed by ModernGraham (currently 76 different companies) in a handy table with some key figures.  It then proceeds to screen the companies regarding different topics.

Inside, you will find screens for:

  • Undervalued Companies
  • Fairly Valued Companies
  • Overvalued Companies
  • Defensive Investor Companies
  • Enterprising Investor Companies
  • Speculative Companies
  • Lowest PEmg Ratio – Defensive Investor
  • Lowest PEmg Ratio – Enterprising Investor
  • NCAV

You will also find the following mock porfolios:

  • Defensive Undervalued
  • Enterprising Undervalued

In addition, you can review ModernGraham’s valuation of the Dow Jones Industrial Average as a whole and its individual components!

For only $4.99 this month’s edition can be yours to download to your eReader or computer.  However, for a limited time you can get a copy for 50% off using the coupon code ZP69E.  That means you could get a copy for only $2.50!  Don’t delay – the coupon expires on Sunday, December 1!  Get your copy here!

Finally, please leave a review or a comment with suggestions for improvements.  I want this product to be a valuable tool for your enjoyment!*

*As always, ModernGraham makes no recommendations for investments in specific situations.  Please consult a registered broker or investment advisor regarding your individual investment decisions.



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