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January was another great month for ModernGraham.  We had over 25,000 visits by over 15,000 unique visitors, both figures were double the numbers seen in December, while the number of people who have signed up for the email list grew from 637 to 1,656!  We released the third issue of the monthly publication, ModernGraham Stocks & Screens, which lists all of the valuations and screens them for various criteria.  This month’s edition included over 125 companies, and two mock portfolios, the Defensive Undervalued Portfolio and the Enterprising Undervalued Portfolio.  January also saw the launch of the ModernGraham Instagram page and the ModernGraham Pinterest page, so be sure to check it out and follow them for additional helpful information!

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Most Popular Content from January out of 71 posts:

  1. 5 Undervalued Companies for the Defensive Investor – January 2014
  2. 14 Companies in the Spotlight This Week – 1/18/14
  3. 14 Companies in the Spotlight This Week – 1/25/14
  4. 14 Companies in the Spotlight This Week – 1/11/14
  5. Altria Group (MO) Annual Valuation

Companies Reviewed in January

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