Giveaway! Win a Copy of ModernGraham Stocks & Screens: April 2014!

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Update: The contest is closed.  Joe is the winner.  Congratulations, Joe!  Thank you to all for the very kind comments.

How to Enter:

To enter to win a free copy of the April 2014 issue of ModernGraham Stocks & Screens, leave a comment on this post by 11:59 PM (CST) April 4, 2014.  One comment will be chosen randomly to receive a free copy of this month’s edition of ModernGraham Stocks & Screens.

About ModernGraham Stocks & Screens:

Inside this monthly publication available for premium subscribers is a listing of all the companies reviewed by ModernGraham (currently 217 different companies) in a handy table with some key figures.  It then proceeds to screen the companies regarding different topics.

Inside, you will find screens for:

  • Undervalued Companies, sorted by Defensive, Enterprising, and Speculative
  • Fairly Valued Companies, sorted by Defensive, Enterprising, and Speculative
  • Overvalued Companies
  • Defensive Investor Companies
  • Enterprising Investor Companies
  • Speculative Companies
  • Lowest PEmg Ratio – Defensive Investor
  • Lowest PEmg Ratio – Enterprising Investor
  • Stocks Trading Closest to NCAV
  • Companies Trading Close to 52 Week High
  • Companies Trading Close to 52 Week Low
  • Companies With the Highest Beta
  • Companies With the Lowest Beta
  • Glance at the Dow

Since the January 2014 issue, you will also find the following mock portfolios:

  • Defensive Undervalued
  • Enterprising Undervalued

As always, remember that ModernGraham makes no recommendations for investments in specific situations.  Please consult a registered broker or investment advisor regarding your individual investment decisions.






28 responses to “Giveaway! Win a Copy of ModernGraham Stocks & Screens: April 2014!”

  1. jhsalis Avatar

    I really enjoy reading your daily emails regarding the superb research you do on various companies. I would love to also win a copy of ModernGraham Stocks & Screens for April 2014. Thanks for all the great research you share with your subscribers.

  2. Tomas Vacek Avatar
    Tomas Vacek

    Hey Modern Graham, good job. I am looking for further valuations and ideas in the Stocks and Screens publication.

  3. Goran Ilic Avatar
    Goran Ilic

    I hope I will win this time!
    Thank you.

  4. Mike R Avatar
    Mike R

    Bring on the undervalued defensive goodness!

  5. Dave Avatar

    I think the reports are great. Consistent, to the point, with good summary at beginning

  6. drmadhupv Avatar

    dear moderngraham
    i am from india, but, the screen and ur website is very good. i could finally apply value investing methods to form a very good and a rewarding portfolio. truly, ur grahamian and modern too

  7. Jan Avatar

    Keep going! Enjoy your website…

  8. Ronald E. Baker Avatar
    Ronald E. Baker

    I love this website! I routinely read and archive every edition. Since I first obtained a copy of The Intelligent Investor, (revised edition of 1973, updated by Jason Zweig, in 2003); I have read and re-read its pages; keeping a file of news and other commentary on the subject of Benjamin Graham in my desk side book-case. Your website is a welcome supplement I just cannot do without. Every investor needs to receive and apply its wisdom for long term asset allocation success. I urge every serious investor to obtain a copy of ModernGraham Stocks & Screens for April 2014, which I hope to win, or buy.

  9. Erick Avatar

    Keep up the good work.. Thanks for giving me companies to research .. Some haven’t even thought of 🙂

  10. JRPV Avatar

    I´d like to get one. Thank you.

  11. EAB2 Avatar

    Thank you for all the great research that you do. I think that a lot of Ben Graham’s principles still hold true today.

    The site is great!

  12. Ga Avatar

    The Modern Graham posts are easy and great to follow. Your posts are one of my best beginning and end points in resources for making further research or decisions about selecting the stocks for my retirement and investments !!! Thank you.

  13. Mason Avatar

    I really love this site!

  14. Andy Avatar

    I LOVE MG stock screens!

  15. Patrick Avatar

    Your work is quiet interesting.
    I might write an article on my blog over MG.
    if I win I will have more to write about it.

  16. SC Chan Avatar
    SC Chan

    Great software to apply the concept of Ben Graham in a modern context. I wish I can win a copy of this software giveaway.

  17. Jay Avatar

    Keep up the great work! I enjoy what you.

  18. Trey Avatar

    Fingers crossed…

  19. Judy B Avatar
    Judy B

    Love the site. Would like more help in filling in the numbers to complete the Graham Formula. So interesting.

  20. Mike Avatar

    I always wondered if someone was following the Graham method for evaluating stocks today then found your site. Well done and keep up the good work. Love to be a winner!

  21. Joe Avatar

    Best qualitative evaluation for the consideration to purchase company’s stock. You are truly a breathe of fresh
    stock market air! Thank you.

  22. PhilD Avatar

    Really enjoy the site and the material. I am reading the updated version of the Intelligent Investor and think the book club is a great forum for more of us to share perspectives.

  23. sjenkins Avatar

    Great learning opportunity, much easier to understand value with how and why, thanks

  24. PaulS Avatar

    I found your website just a few days ago and I really like your philosophy and approach. This is not in any way a criticism but I have noticed that quite recently you increased the number of tests (from 6 to 7 for defensive investors and 3 to 5 for enterprising investors). Do you plan to revisit the earlier evaluations with the updated conditions? Keep up the great work!

  25. Mitja Avatar

    Great job guys! Best of luck.

  26. John L Avatar
    John L

    What metrics might help determine the future prospects of a company’s product or service offering? Is this just pure human judgment or is there an financial statement ratio or series of ratios that can help with this? Many thanks for this service!

  27. Lisa Avatar

    Pick me! I love this website and check it daily. Thanks for all you do to help me make decisions that are very important not only to me but to many of my family members.

  28. Rich Wisneski Avatar
    Rich Wisneski

    Enjoy your emails. Got several thought provoking ideas.

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