Introducing the ModernGraham YouTube Channel!

We are excited to announce the creation of the ModernGraham YouTube Channel.  View this introductory video to learn more:


On YouTube will be content for the MG Academy as well as the ModernGraham Show.  In fact, here is the first episode of the ModernGraham Show, “What is Earnings Per Share – ModernGraham?”






8 responses to “Introducing the ModernGraham YouTube Channel!”

  1. David Cobo Avatar
    David Cobo

    MG is an excellent tool for investment decision making. Clark clearly explains the process– good teacher.

  2. steve geldner Avatar
    steve geldner

    Excellent. Glad to see you taking this step. The lack of pretentiousness is friendly and non-threatening.

    If I may be so bold – Must work on smoothness and continuity of content….Relax…Breathe….Think of yourself as a host in your own home. All your viewers are friends who are there at your invitation. You are sharing rare and valuable information. It is entirely credible that you are conservatively impassioned in your delivery on occasion.

    Take us through the book. Condense a paragraph or a sentence to a bullet point. For some, Grahams’ work is a lot to wade through without loosing the big picture. Make this a brief but regular feature on your videos (for an audience test) to whet the appetite for more knowledge in an unintimidating atmosphere.

    I am a conservative investor who reads every e-mail you send. I am delighted at the prospect that more (predominately young) investors have an alternative to the “get rich quick” packages that benefit no one but the purveyors of same.

    I respectfully submit these observations / suggestions and wish all, every success.

    Sincerely, Steve geldner

    1. Benjamin Clark Avatar

      Steve, Thanks for the suggestions. I will keep these thoughts in mind.

  3. Theis Brouer-Jensen Avatar
    Theis Brouer-Jensen

    Great with videos too

  4. Bo Adams Avatar
    Bo Adams

    I talked about you.

    I think Ton Elzing will also take a subscription.

    Please is it possible to have your opinion about

    WMC Thanks in advance,


    1. Benjamin Clark Avatar

      Bo, Thanks for spreading the word about the site.

      Right now I’m working my way through the S&P 500, with the goal of covering all 500 companies by the end of this year. After that I’ll start looking at other companies.

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