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  • 7 Key Tips to Value Investing

    My early days of investing involved some speculative purchases of Priceline and Kmart.  The first one turned out great and inspired a passion for investing.  The second one?  Not so much.  Kmart was bankrupt when I bought it, and I soon learned that meant shareholders might receive absolutely nothing when the company emerges from bankruptcy. […]

  • (Finished Version)Guru Portfolio: Warren Buffett

    In this new series, we will look at the porfolios of “guru” investors and other notable portfolios to determine if they follow the teachings of Benjamin Graham in regards to the Defensive and Enterprising Investors.  This week, we review the portfolio of Graham’s greatest student, Warren Buffett.  If you have a request of a guru […]

  • 5 Things to Remember as the Market Turns the Corner

    In March, Mr. Market seems to have started to change his mood.  Stock prices are up across the board and prospects for a recovery are rising.  However, here are a few things to keep in mind in the near future: 1.  Prices may fluctuate as Mr. Market sways his opinion, but values only change with […]

  • New Layout and Features

    ModernGraham has a new look!  Along with changing our WordPress theme – the old one wasn’t supported anymore so I couldn’t make too many changes – I have added a new system of organizing our valuations.  Take a look at the “Browse Valuations” link in our navigation bar and you’ll find a user friendly system […]