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  • Is Warren Buffett Still a Value Investor? Guru Portfolio Review

    I have once again reviewed Warren Buffett’s portfolio, and now wonder if Mr. Buffett has turned away from value investing, or if he has just developed away from Benjamin Graham’s methods and created his own.  What do you think?  Leave a comment below and let’s discuss it. But let’s first review his portfolio again, according […]

  • (Finished Version)Guru Portfolio: Warren Buffett

    In this new series, we will look at the porfolios of “guru” investors and other notable portfolios to determine if they follow the teachings of Benjamin Graham in regards to the Defensive and Enterprising Investors.  This week, we review the portfolio of Graham’s greatest student, Warren Buffett.  If you have a request of a guru […]

  • (Preview)Guru Portfolio: Warren Buffett

    I accidentally posted this article while it was still a draft and unfortunately many of you have seen it in your RSS feeds already.  I’m not ready to post the final version of it yet (only halfway through valuing his very large portfolio), but you can see the valuations in our database as I finish […]