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December was a very good month for ModernGraham.  We’ve had over 12,000 visits by over 7,500 unique visitors.  The last week of December we released the monthly eBook, ModernGraham Stocks & Screens, a publication that lists all of the valuations and screens them for various criteria.  This month’s edition includes the creation of two mock portfolios, the Defensive Undervalued Portfolio and the Enterprising Undervalued Portfolio.  December also saw the launch of the ModernGraham Facebook Page, so be sure to check it out and give it a “Like!”

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10 Companies in the Spotlight This Week – 12/14/2013

bora bora beach sunsetWe looked at 10 different companies this week.  Here’s a summary of the ModernGraham Valuations.  For more detailed analysis, click on the name of the company.  To see screens of all of our valuations, be sure to get a copy of this month’s edition of ModernGraham Stocks and Screens!

The Elite (Defensive or Enterprising and Undervalued)

  • Apple Inc. (AAPL) – Apple Inc.’s earnings are just unbelievable, and the EPSmg (normalized earnings) have grown from $3.52 in 2008 to $33.18 in 2013.  That is astronomical growth, nearly doubling on average every year during the period.  Compare this to Microsoft (read the ModernGraham analysis here), a company whose earnings have been growing at a much slower pace and Intel (read the ModernGraham analysis here), another company that has grown much slower, and you will see why Apple’s growth is so special.  The company does not satisfy the Defensive Investor, however, by having a current ratio that is too low, a PB ratio that is too high, and a dividend history that is too short.  But from the eyes of the Enterprising Investor, this is a very attractive company, passing all of the Enterprising Investor’s requirements.  From a valuation perspective, the growth Apple has achieved is so high that the ModernGraham valuation model was forced to use its built in cap on a growth estimate.  After all, it would be foolish to assume that Apple will continue to grow at the pace it has over the last 10 years, but given the historical pace in earnings, it also seems that the market’s implied rate of 4.28% is significantly low and the company would appear to be undervalued.  As a result, Enterprising Investors should feel very comfortable in proceeding with further research into whether the company would be appropriate for their individual portfolios.

The Good (Defensive or Enterprising and Fairly Valued)

  • Amgen, Inc. (AMGN) – Amgen Inc. is a solid company for the Enterprising Investor after passing all five of the requirements for the investor type.  The company fails to qualify for the Defensive Investor because of its lack of a dividend history, and because it currently is trading at high PEmg and PB ratios.  From a valuation perspective, the company has achieved strong and consistent growth, having taken EPSmg (normalized earnings) from $3.06 in 2008 to an estimated $5.54 for 2013.  This level of earnings growth supports the market’s implied estimate of 5.91%, and as a result the company would appear to be fairly valued.  Enterprising Investors should feel comfortable proceeding with further research into whether Amgen Inc. would be suitable for their individual portfolios, while Defensive Investors should keep the company on a watch list.
  • Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI) – Analog Devices, Inc. is a solid company for the Enterprising Investor, having passed all five of the requirements.  The company does not qualify for the Defensive Investor because it currently trades at high PEmg and PB ratios, but Defensive Investors should keep the company on the watch list to see if those ratios improve sufficiently.  From a valuation perspective, the company has achieved a moderate level of growth, with EPSmg (normalized earnings) going from $1.53 in 2008 to $2.21 in 2013.  This is not a substantially high level of growth, but it does support the market’s implied estimate of 6.78%.  As a result, the company appears to be fairly valued at this time, and Enterprising Investors should feel comfortable proceeding with further research to determine whether the company is fit for their individual portfolios.
  • B&G Foods Inc. (BGS) – B&G Foods Inc. is not a company for the Defensive Investor, after having passed only two of the seven requirements for the investor type.  The company isn’t large enough, does not have a long enough dividend history, the current ratio isn’t high enough, and the company is trading at high PEmg and PB ratios.  As a result, there is too much risk involved for the Defensive Investor; however, the Enterprising Investor is willing to take on a little more risk because he is able to do further research.  The company does pass enough of the requirements of the Enterprising Investor to qualify as a potential investment.  On the valuation side, the company has achieved significant growth in EPSmg (normalized earnings), from $0.37 in 2008 to an estimated $1.00 for 2013.  This growth would seem to support the current price and the company appears to be fairly valued.  Enterprising Investors should proceed with further research to determine if B&G Foods Inc. is suitable for their individual portfolios.

The Mediocre (Defensive or Enterprising and Overvalued)

  • Abbott Laboratories (ABT) – Abbott Laboratories has strong financials, having passed every test of the Defensive Investor and Enterprising, except for the Defensive Investor’s requirement of a current ratio greater than 2.  This is a company that has displayed stable earnings growth, a strong dividend history, and is currently trading at fairly low PEmg and PB ratios.  Compare this to some similar companies such as Merck (MRK), Pfizer (PFE), and Johnson and Johnson (JNJ) and you will find Abbott Laboratories to be the strongest of the bunch.  However, from a valuation perspective the company appears to be overvalued at the current time.  While the EPSmg (normalized earnings) have grown from $2.27 in 2008 to an estimated $2.85 for 2013, that level of historical growth does not support the market’s implied rate of 2.27%.  However, if the company can achieve a growth rate of around 3%, the current price would be fair.  As a result, Defensive Investors and Enterprising Investors should keep a close eye on Abbott Laboratories to find a more opportunistic time to purchase.
  • Adobe Systems Inc. (ADBE) – Adobe Systems Inc. disappoints the Enterprising Investor by having lackluster growth.  The company does not qualify for the Defensive Investor by not having a strong dividend history, and trading at very high PEmg and PB ratios.  The company does pass the requirements for the Enterprising Investor, but the company disappoints from a valuation perspective.  Adobe’s EPSmg (normalized earnings) have failed to substantially grow during the recent historical period, and in fact have dropped from $1.24 in 2008 to an estimated $1.22 for 2013.  Compared to similar companies such as Microsoft (MSFT), International Business Machines (IBM), and especially Apple (AAPL), it is surprising Adobe has not been able to achieve at least some growth.  This failure to grow earnings negatively affects the ModernGraham valuation model’s results for Adobe, and the company appears to be overvalued at the current time.  The market’s implied growth rate of 18.35% is in no way supported by the historical data, and Enterprising Investors should be very careful when considering this company for their individual portfolios.
  • Tidewater Inc. (TDW) – Tidewater is a company that has had its earnings consistently fall over the recent historical period.  This is a company that once had outstanding valuations when its earnings were rising from 2004 to 2009, but since 2009 the EPSmg (normalized earnings) have steadily dropped.  It does appear that the earnings fall may be coming to an end, as the regular EPS have improved the last couple of years, and one would expect the ModernGraham valuation model to return a more attractive result in a year or two.  However, as it stands now the historical growth does not support the market’s implied rate of 5.25% and in fact the negative growth rate seen historically is enough to knock down the valuation from the model to $0.  As a result, any value from Tidewater at the current juncture is only justified by either the balance sheet or speculating; there is currently no basis in earnings for a positive value.  That said, the company does impress from the angle of the Defensive Investor and Enterprising Investor requirements, having qualifed as a Defensive Investor.  All investors should keep an eye on this company over the next couple years to determine if the valuation improves and if an opportunity for profit exists.
  • Wolverine World Wide Inc. (WWW) – Wolverine World Wide Inc. intrigues the Enterprising Investor because of its stable earnings, dividend history and current ratio.  However, it is currently trading at a high PEmg ratio and a high PB ratio, causing it to not be suitable for the Defensive Investor.  From a valuation standpoint, the company’s growth has been a little uneven and does not support the market’s current implied estimate of 12.42%.  The ModernGraham valuation model estimates a growth rate closer to the 3-4% range, which would lead to an intrinsic value between $14 and $16.  Since the company is currently trading over $32/share, it would appear to be significantly overvalued.  As a result, Enterprising Investors should do considerably further research before deciding whether there is an opportunity for profit here.

The Bad (Speculative and Undervalued or Fairly Valued)

  • Union Pacific Corporation (UNP) – Union Pacific Corporation is an interesting company in the sense that its earnings have displayed significant growth over the historical period, having grown EPSmg (normalized earnings) from $3.36 in 2008 to an estimated $7.65 for 2013.  This growth surpasses the market’s implied growth rate of 6.49%, leading the ModernGraham valuation model to return an undervalued determination for the company.  However, the PEmg and PB ratios are both too high for the Defensive Investor, and there is too much debt for the Enterprising Investor, so we’re left with a company that on one hand is undervalued based on its historical growth but is overvalued based on the PEmg and PB ratios.  As a result, there is just slightly too much risk for the Defensive Investor and Enterprising Investor at this time, but it certainly is a company to keep on the watch list.  Compare this to Norfolk Southern (NSC), which we recently reviewed and determined to be Defensive and undervalued.  Norfolk Southern had comparable growth in earnings but traded at a PEmg and PB ratios, thus would be a less risky investment.

The Ugly (Speculative and Overvalued)Mr. Market

  • Automatic Data Processing (ADP) – Automatic Data Processing fails to qualify for either the Defensive Investor or the Enterprising Investor.  The company currently trades at a high PEmg ratio and a high PB ratio, but the most significant issue with the company is the level of current liabilities.  Presently, the company has more current liabilities than current assets, leading to disqualification from contention for the Enterprising Investor.  While many people claim that the current ratio is not as important today, the fact remains that a company with a strong current ratio is in a better financial position than a company with a poor current ratio.  As a result, a poor current ratio indicates increased risk, which Intelligent Investors seek to avoid when possible.  We are looking for low risk, high reward opportunities, so any increased level of risk makes us wary.  As for the valuation, the company has grown EPSmg (normalized earnings) from $2.20 in 2009 to an estimated $2.77 for 2014.  This is a very moderate level of growth, and in stark contrast to the 9.73% growth rate implied by the market at this time.  Consequently, the market’s price is not supported by historical earnings performance and the company appears to be overvalued.

Added and Updated Valuations – 12/21/09

This is a day late, and it includes a few companies that were scheduled to be updated last week.  For those readers who don’t know, I’m currently in law school – and had exams the last couple of weeks.  As a result, this site took a backseat.  However, things should be back to normal for a while now.

I didn’t have time to add any new companies to the database, but you can view more by visiting the valuations database in the navbar.  There are 145 companies in the database including all 30 components of the Dow Jones Industrial Average!

Due to the increasing number of companies in the database and the amount of time involved, I will only be updating on a three-month basis companies  that are Enterprising or Defensive.  Companies that are considered speculative will only be updated once a year.

The following companies were updated this week:

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FULL DISCLOSURE:  Author did not own any of the above companies at time of publication.

Added and Updated Valuations – 9/14/09

Here is a list of valuations that have been added to our site in the past week.  To view more, click on browse valuations in our navbar.  We now have 93 in the database including all 30 components of the Dow Jones Industrial Average!

There were no valuations in the database due for an update this week.

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In addition, we are looking for more contributors.  If you’re interested in being a guest writer or a full-time contributor, please contact us.

Valuation Index

Updated as of July 20, 2017:

Here is a list of all companies currently covered by ModernGraham, as of the date listed above.  Clicking on the company name will bring you to the latest valuation of the company published by ModernGraham.

Ticker Name with Link
A Agilent Technologies Inc
AA Alcoa Corp
AAL American Airlines Group Inc
AAN Aaron’s, Inc.
AAP Advance Auto Parts, Inc.
AAPL Apple Inc.
AAXN Axon Enterprise Inc
ABBV AbbVie Inc
ABC AmerisourceBergen Corp.
ABT Abbott Laboratories
ACC American Campus Communities, Inc.
ACIW ACI Worldwide Inc
ACM Aecom
ACN Accenture Plc
ACXM Acxiom Corporation
ADBE Adobe Systems Incorporated
ADI Analog Devices, Inc.
ADM Archer Daniels Midland Company
ADP Automatic Data Processing
ADS Alliance Data Systems Corporation
ADSK Autodesk, Inc.
AEE Ameren Corp
AEO American Eagle Outfitters
AEP American Electric Power Company Inc
AET Aetna Inc
AFG American Financial Group Inc
AFL AFLAC Incorporated
AGCO AGCO Corporation
AGN Allergan plc Ordinary Shares
AHL Aspen Insurance Holdings Limited
AIG American International Group Inc
AIV Apartment Investment and Management Co
AIZ Assurant, Inc.
AJG Arthur J Gallagher & Co
AKAM Akamai Technologies, Inc.
AKRX Akorn, Inc.
ALB Albemarle Corporation
ALEX Alexander & Baldwin Inc
ALGN Align Technology, Inc.
ALK Alaska Air Group, Inc.
ALL Allstate Corp
ALLE Allegion PLC
ALXN Alexion Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
AMAT Applied Materials, Inc.
AMCX AMC Networks Inc
AMD Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
AMG Affiliated Managers Group, Inc.
AMGN Amgen, Inc.
AMP Ameriprise Financial, Inc.
AMT American Tower Corp
AMZN, Inc.
AN AutoNation, Inc.
ANF Abercrombie & Fitch Co.
ANTM Anthem Inc
AON Aon plc Class A Ordinary Shares (UK)
AOS A. O. Smith Corp
APA Apache Corporation
APC Anadarko Petroleum Corporation
APD Air Products & Chemicals, Inc.
APH Amphenol Corporation
APOL Apollo Education Group Inc
ARE Alexandria Real Estate Equities Inc
ARLP Alliance Resource Partners, L.P.
ARRS ARRIS International plc
ARW Arrow Electronics, Inc.
ASH Ashland Global Holdings Inc.
ATI Allegheny Technologies Incorporated
AVB AvalonBay Communities Inc
AVGO Broadcom Ltd
AVP Avon Products, Inc.
AVY Avery Dennison Corp
AWK American Water Works Company Inc
AXP American Express Company
AYI Acuity Brands, Inc.
AZO AutoZone, Inc.
BA Boeing Co
BAC Bank of America Corp
BAX Baxter International Inc
BBBY Bed Bath & Beyond Inc.
BBT BB&T Corporation
BBY Best Buy Co Inc
BCR C R Bard Inc
BDX Becton Dickinson and Co
BEN Franklin Resources, Inc.
BF.B Brown-Forman Corporation
BGS B&G Foods, Inc.
BHI Baker Hughes A GE Co
BIIB Biogen Inc
BK Bank of New York Mellon Corp
BLK BlackRock, Inc.
BLL Ball Corporation
BMS Bemis Company, Inc.
BMY Bristol-Myers Squibb Co
BRK.B Berkshire Hathaway Inc.
BSX Boston Scientific Corporation
BWA BorgWarner Inc.
BXP Boston Properties, Inc.
C Citigroup Inc
CA CA, Inc.
CAG Conagra Brands Inc
CAH Cardinal Health Inc
CAM Cameron International Corporation
CAT Caterpillar Inc.
CB Chubb Ltd
CBG CBRE Group Inc
CBS CBS Corporation
CCE Coca-Cola European Partners plc Ordinary Shares
CCI Crown Castle International Corp. (REIT)
CCL Carnival Corp
CELG Celgene Corporation
CENX Century Aluminum Co
CERN Cerner Corporation
CF CF Industries Holdings, Inc.
CFG Citizens Financial Group Inc
CFNL Cardinal Financial Corporation
CFR Cullen/Frost Bankers, Inc.
CGI Celadon Group, Inc.
CGNX Cognex Corporation
CHCO City Holding Company
CHD Church & Dwight Co., Inc.
CHE Chemed Corporation
CHK Chesapeake Energy Corporation
CHRW C.H. Robinson Worldwide Inc
CHS Chico’s FAS, Inc.
CHSP Chesapeake Lodging Trust
CHTR Charter Communications, Inc.
CHUY Chuy’s Holdings Inc
CI CIGNA Corporation
CIEN Ciena Corporation
CIG Companhia Energetica de Minas Gers CEMIG
CINF Cincinnati Financial Corporation
CIR CIRCOR International, Inc.
CKH Seacor Holdings, Inc.
CL Colgate-Palmolive Company
CLD Cloud Peak Energy Inc.
CLF Cliffs Natural Resources Inc
CLGX Corelogic Inc
CLH Clean Harbors Inc
CLI Mack Cali Realty Corp
CLMS Calamos Asset Management, Inc
CLW Clearwater Paper Corp
CLX Clorox Co
CMA Comerica Incorporated
CMC Commercial Metals Company
CMCSA Comcast Corporation
CME CME Group Inc
CMG Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc.
CMI Cummins Inc.
CMO Capstead Mortgage Corporation
CMP Compass Minerals International, Inc.
CMS CMS Energy Corporation
CMTL Comtech Telecomm. Corp.
CNC Centene Corp
CNK Cinemark Holdings, Inc.
CNMD CONMED Corporation
CNO CNO Financial Group Inc
CNP CenterPoint Energy, Inc.
CNSL Consolidated Communications Holdings Inc
CNX CONSOL Energy Inc.
COF Capital One Financial Corp.
COG Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation
COH Coach Inc
COHR Coherent, Inc.
COHU Cohu, Inc.
COL Rockwell Collins, Inc.
COLB Columbia Banking System Inc
COO Cooper Companies Inc
COP ConocoPhillips
COR CoreSite Realty Corp
CORE Core-Mark Holding Company, Inc.
COST Costco Wholesale Corporation
COTY Coty Inc
CPB Campbell Soup Company
CPF Central Pacific Financial Corp.
CPLA Capella Education Company
CPRT Copart, Inc.
CPS Cooper-Standard Holdings Inc
CPSI Computer Programs & Systems, Inc.
CPT Camden Property Trust
CRAY Cray Inc.
CRC California Resources Corp
CREE Cree, Inc.
CRI Carter’s, Inc.
CRL Charles River Laboratories Intl. Inc
CRM, inc.
CROX Crocs, Inc.
CRR CARBO Ceramics Inc.
CRS Carpenter Technology Corporation
CRVL CorVel Corporation
CRY Cryolife Inc
CRZO Carrizo Oil & Gas Inc
CSCO Cisco Systems, Inc.
CSGS CSG Systems International, Inc.
CSL Carlisle Companies, Inc.
CST CST Brands Inc
CSX CSX Corporation
CTAS Cintas Corporation
CTL Centurylink Inc
CTRE Caretrust REIT Inc
CTS CTS Corporation
CTSH Cognizant Technology Solutions Corp
CTXS Citrix Systems, Inc.
CUB Cubic Corporation
CUBI Customers Bancorp Inc
CUZ Cousins Properties Inc
CVBF CVB Financial Corp.
CVCO Cavco Industries, Inc.
CVG Convergys Corp
CVGW Calavo Growers, Inc.
CVLT CommVault Systems, Inc.
CVS CVS Health Corp
CVX Chevron Corporation
CWT California Water Service Group
CXO Concho Resources Inc
CXW Corecivic Inc
CY Cypress Semiconductor Corporation
CYH Community Health Systems
D Dominion Energy Inc
DAKT Daktronics, Inc.
DAL Delta Air Lines, Inc.
DAN Dana Inc
DAR Darling Ingredients Inc
DBD Diebold Nixdorf Inc
DCI Donaldson Company, Inc.
DCOM Dime Community Bancshares, Inc.
DD E I Du Pont De Nemours And Co
DDD 3D Systems Corporation
DE Deere & Company
DEI Douglas Emmett, Inc.
DFS Discover Financial Services
DG Dollar General Corp.
DGX Quest Diagnostics Inc
DHI D.R. Horton, Inc.
DHR Danaher Corporation
DIS Walt Disney Co
DISCA Discovery Communications Inc.
DISCK Discovery Communications Inc.
DLPH Delphi Automotive PLC
DLR Digital Realty Trust, Inc.
DLTR Dollar Tree, Inc.
DNB Dun & Bradstreet Corp
DNR Denbury Resources Inc.
DO Diamond Offshore Drilling Inc
DOV Dover Corp
DOW Dow Chemical Co
DPS Dr Pepper Snapple Group Inc.
DRI Darden Restaurants, Inc.
DTE DTE Energy Co
DUK Duke Energy Corp
DVA Davita Inc
DVN Devon Energy Corp
EA Electronic Arts Inc.
EBAY eBay Inc
ECL Ecolab Inc.
ED Consolidated Edison, Inc.
EFX Equifax Inc.
EIX Edison International
EL Estee Lauder Companies Inc
EMN Eastman Chemical Company
EMR Emerson Electric Co.
ENDP Endo International plc – Ordinary Shares
EOG EOG Resources Inc
EPD Enterprise Products Partners L.P.
EQIX Equinix, Inc.
EQR Equity Residential
EQT EQT Corporation
ES Eversource Energy
ESRX Express Scripts Holding Company
ESS Essex Property Trust Inc
ETFC E*TRADE Financial Corp
ETN Eaton Corporation, PLC Ordinary Shares
ETR Entergy Corporation
EVHC Envision Healthcare Corporation
EW Edwards Lifesciences Corp
EXC Exelon Corporation
EXPD Expeditors International of Washington
EXPE Expedia Inc
EXR Extra Space Storage, Inc.
F Ford Motor Company
FAST Fastenal Company
FB Facebook Inc
FBHS Fortune Brands Home & Security Inc
FCX Freeport-McMoRan Inc
FDX FedEx Corporation
FE FirstEnergy Corp.
FFIV F5 Networks, Inc.
FIS Fidelity National Information Servcs Inc
FISV Fiserv Inc
FITB Fifth Third Bancorp
FL Foot Locker, Inc.
FLIR FLIR Systems, Inc.
FLR Fluor Corporation (NEW)
FLS Flowserve Corp
FOSL Fossil Group Inc
FOXA Twenty-First Century Fox Inc
FRT Federal Realty Investment Trust
FSLR First Solar, Inc.
FTI TechnipFMC plc Ordinary Share
FTR Frontier Communications Corp
FTV Fortive Corp
GAS AGL Resources Inc.
GD General Dynamics Corporation
GE General Electric Company
GG Goldcorp Inc. (USA)
GHC Graham Holdings Co
GILD Gilead Sciences, Inc.
GIS General Mills, Inc.
GLW Corning Incorporated
GM General Motors Company
GME GameStop Corp.
GNW Genworth Financial Inc
GOOG Alphabet Inc
GOOGL Alphabet Inc
GPC Genuine Parts Company
GPN Global Payments Inc
GPS Gap Inc
GRMN Garmin Ltd.
GS Goldman Sachs Group Inc
GT Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co
GWW W W Grainger Inc
HAL Halliburton Company
HAR Harman International Industries Inc
HAS Hasbro, Inc.
HBAN Huntington Bancshares Incorporated
HBI Hanesbrands Inc.
HCA HCA Healthcare Inc
HCN Welltower Inc
HD Home Depot Inc
HES Hess Corp.
HIG Hartford Financial Services Group Inc
HOG Harley-Davidson Inc
HOLX Hologic, Inc.
HON Honeywell International Inc.
HP Helmerich & Payne, Inc.
HPE Hewlett Packard Enterprise Co
HRB H & R Block Inc
HRL Hormel Foods Corp
HRS Harris Corporation
HSIC Henry Schein, Inc.
HST Host Hotels and Resorts Inc
HSY Hershey Co
HUM Humana Inc
IBM International Business Machines Corp.
ICE Intercontinental Exchange Inc
IDXX IDEXX Laboratories, Inc.
IFF International Flavors & Fragrances Inc
ILMN Illumina, Inc.
IM Ingram Micro Inc.
IMO Imperial Oil Ltd (USA)
INDB Independent Bank Corp
INFY Infosys Ltd ADR
INGN Inogen Inc
INGR Ingredion Inc
INN Summit Hotel Properties Inc
INT World Fuel Services Corp
INTC Intel Corporation
INTL INTL Fcstone Inc
INTU Intuit Inc.
IOSP Innospec Inc.
IP International Paper Co
IPAR Inter Parfums, Inc.
IPCC Infinity Property and Casualty Corp.
IPG Interpublic Group of Companies Inc
IPGP IPG Photonics Corporation
IPHS Innophos Holdings, Inc.
IPI Intrepid Potash, Inc.
IPXL Impax Laboratories Inc
IR Ingersoll-Rand PLC
IRBT iRobot Corporation
IRDM Iridium Communications Inc
IRM Iron Mountain Incorporated (Delaware) REIT
ISCA International Speedway Corp
ISRG Intuitive Surgical, Inc.
ITG Investment Technology Group
ITRI Itron, Inc.
ITW Illinois Tool Works Inc.
IVC Invacare Corporation
IVZ Invesco Ltd.
JACK Jack in the Box Inc.
JBHT J B Hunt Transport Services Inc
JBL Jabil Inc
JBLU JetBlue Airways Corporation
JBT John Bean Technologies Corp
JCI Johnson Controls International plc Ordinary Share
JCP J C Penney Company Inc
JEC Jacobs Engineering Group Inc
JJSF J & J Snack Foods Corp
JKHY Jack Henry & Associates, Inc.
JLL Jones Lang LaSalle Inc
JNJ Johnson & Johnson
JNPR Juniper Networks, Inc.
JOY Joy Global Inc.
JPM JPMorgan Chase & Co.
JW.A John Wiley & Sons Inc
JWN Nordstrom, Inc.
K Kellogg Company
KALU Kaiser Aluminum Corp.
KAMN Kaman Corporation
KATE Kate Spade & Co
KELYA Kelly Services, Inc.
KEX Kirby Corporation
KEY KeyCorp
KEYS Keysight Technologies Inc
KFY Korn/Ferry International
KHC Kraft Heinz Co
KIM Kimco Realty Corp
KIRK Kirkland’s, Inc.
KKR KKR & Co. L.P.
KLAC KLA-Tencor Corp
KLIC Kulicke and Soffa Industries Inc.
KMB Kimberly Clark Corp
KMI Kinder Morgan Inc
KMPR Kemper Corp
KMT Kennametal Inc.
KMX CarMax, Inc
KN Knowles Corp
KND Kindred Healthcare, Inc.
KNX Knight Transportation
KO The Coca-Cola Co
KOP Koppers Holdings Inc.
KOPN Kopin Corporation
KORS Michael Kors Holdings Ltd
KR Kroger Co
KRA Kraton Corp
KRC Kilroy Realty Corp
KRG Kite Realty Group Trust
KS KapStone Paper and Packaging Corp.
KSS Kohl’s Corporation
KSU Kansas City Southern
KWR Quaker Chemical Corp
L Loews Corporation
LABL Multi-Color Corporation
LAD Lithia Motors Inc
LAMR Lamar Advertising Company
LANC Lancaster Colony Corp.
LB L Brands Inc
LCI Lannett Company, Inc.
LDL Lydall, Inc.
LDOS Leidos Holdings, Inc.
LDR Landauer Inc
LECO Lincoln Electric Holdings, Inc.
LEG Leggett & Platt, Inc.
LEN Lennar Corporation
LFUS Littelfuse, Inc.
LGIH LGI Homes Inc
LGND Ligand Pharmaceuticals Inc.
LH Laboratory Corp. of America Holdings
LHCG LHC Group, Inc.
LHO LaSalle Hotel Properties
LII Lennox International Inc.
LITE Lumentum Holdings Inc
LKQ LKQ Corporation
LL Lumber Liquidators Holdings Inc
LLL L3 Technologies Inc
LLTC Linear Technology Corporation
LLY Eli Lilly and Co
LM Legg Mason Inc
LMNX Luminex Corporation
LMOS Lumos Networks Corp
LMT Lockheed Martin Corporation
LNC Lincoln National Corporation
LNN Lindsay Corporation
LNT Alliant Energy Corporation
LOCO El Pollo LoCo Holdings Inc
LOGM LogMeIn Inc
LOW Lowe’s Companies, Inc.
LPNT LifePoint Health Inc
LPSN LivePerson, Inc.
LPT Liberty Property Trust
LPX Louisiana-Pacific Corporation
LQDT Liquidity Services, Inc.
LRCX Lam Research Corporation
LSTR Landstar System, Inc.
LTC LTC Properties Inc
LTXB LegacyTexas Financial Group Inc
LUK Leucadia National Corp.
LUV Southwest Airlines Co
LVLT Level 3 Communications, Inc.
LXP Lexington Realty Trust
LYB LyondellBasell Industries NV
LYV Live Nation Entertainment, Inc.
M Macy’s Inc
MA Mastercard Inc
MAA Mid-America Apartment Communities Inc
MAC Macerich Co
MAIN Main Street Capital Corporation
MAR Marriott International Inc
MAS Masco Corp
MAT Mattel, Inc.
MCD McDonald’s Corporation
MCHP Microchip Technology Inc.
MCK McKesson Corporation
MCO Moody’s Corporation
MDLZ Mondelez International Inc
MDT Medtronic plc. Ordinary Shares
MET Metlife Inc
MHK Mohawk Industries, Inc.
MKC McCormick & Company, Incorporated
MLM Martin Marietta Materials, Inc.
MMC Marsh & McLennan Companies, Inc.
MMP Magellan Midstream Partners, L.P.
MNK Mallinckrodt PLC
MNST Monster Beverage Corporation
MO Altria Group Inc
MON Monsanto Company
MOS Mosaic Co
MPC Marathon Petroleum Corp
MRK Merck & Co., Inc.
MRO Marathon Oil Corporation
MS Morgan Stanley
MSFT Microsoft Corporation
MSI Motorola Solutions Inc
MTB M&T Bank Corporation
MTD Mettler-Toledo International Inc.
MTSC MTS Systems Corporation
MU Micron Technology, Inc.
MUR Murphy Oil Corporation
MYL Mylan N.V.
NAVI Navient Corp
NBL Noble Energy, Inc.
NBR Nabors Industries Ltd.
NDAQ Nasdaq Inc
NE Noble Corporation Ordinary Shares (UK)
NEE NextEra Energy Inc
NEM Newmont Mining Corp
NFLX Netflix, Inc.
NFX Newfield Exploration Co.
NI NiSource Inc.
NKE Nike Inc
NLSN Nielsen N.V. Ordinary Shares
NNN National Retail Properties, Inc.
NOC Northrop Grumman Corporation
NOV National-Oilwell Varco, Inc.
NPK National Presto Industries Inc.
NRP Natural Resource Partners LP
NSC Norfolk Southern Corp.
NTAP NetApp Inc.
NTRS Northern Trust Corporation
NUE Nucor Corporation
NVDA NVIDIA Corporation
NWL Newell Brands Inc
NWS News Corp
NWSA News Corp
O Realty Income Corp
OI Owens-Illinois Inc
OLN Olin Corporation
OMC Omnicom Group Inc.
ORCL Oracle Corporation
ORLY O’Reilly Automotive Inc
OXY Occidental Petroleum Corporation
PAYX Paychex, Inc.
PBCT People’s United Financial, Inc.
PBI Pitney Bowes Inc.
PCG PG&E Corporation
PCLN Priceline Group Inc
PDCO Patterson Companies, Inc.
PEG Public Service Enterprise Group Inc.
PEP PepsiCo, Inc.
PFE Pfizer Inc.
PFG Principal Financial Group Inc
PG Procter & Gamble Co
PGR Progressive Corp
PH Parker-Hannifin Corp
PHM PulteGroup, Inc.
PKI PerkinElmer, Inc.
PLD Prologis Inc
PM Philip Morris International Inc.
PMD Psychemedics Corp.
PNC PNC Financial Services Group Inc
PNR Pentair plc. Ordinary Share
PNW Pinnacle West Capital Corporation
PPG PPG Industries, Inc.
PRGO Perrigo Company plc Ordinary Shares
PRU Prudential Financial Inc
PSA Public Storage
PSX Phillips 66
PWR Quanta Services Inc
PX Praxair, Inc.
PXD Pioneer Natural Resources
PYPL Paypal Holdings Inc
QEP QEP Resources Inc
QRVO Qorvo Inc
R Ryder System, Inc.
RAI Reynolds American, Inc.
RAVN Raven Industries, Inc.
RBC Regal Beloit Corp
RDC Rowan Companies PLC
REGN Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc
RF Regions Financial Corp
RHI Robert Half International Inc.
RHT Red Hat Inc
RIG Transocean LTD
RL Ralph Lauren Corp
ROK Rockwell Automation
ROP Roper Technologies Inc
ROST Ross Stores, Inc.
RRC Range Resources Corp.
RSG Republic Services, Inc.
RTN Raytheon Company
SAIA Saia Inc
SAIC Science Applications International Corp
SAM Boston Beer Company Inc
SANM Sanmina Corp
SBNY Signature Bank
SBRA Sabra Health Care REIT Inc
SBSI Southside Bancshares, Inc.
SBUX Starbucks Corporation
SCAI Surgical Care Affiliates Inc
SCG SCANA Corporation
SCHL Scholastic Corp
SCHW Charles Schwab Corp
SCI Service Corporation International
SCLN SciClone Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
SCSC ScanSource, Inc.
SCSS Select Comfort Corp.
SCVL Shoe Carnival, Inc.
SE Spectra Energy Corp.
SEE Sealed Air Corp
SEIC SEI Investments Company
SEM Select Medical Holdings Corporation
SENEA Seneca Foods Corp
SF Stifel Financial Corp
SFBS ServisFirst Bancshares, Inc.
SFNC Simmons First National Corporation
SGMS Scientific Games Corp
SHLM A Schulman Inc
SHOO Steven Madden, Ltd.
SHW Sherwin-Williams Co
SIG Signet Jewelers Ltd.
SIGI Selective Insurance Group
SIVB SVB Financial Group
SJI South Jersey Industries Inc
SJM J M Smucker Co
SKT Tanger Factory Outlet Centers Inc.
SKYW SkyWest, Inc.
SLAB Silicon Laboratories
SLB Schlumberger Limited.
SLCA U.S. Silica Holdings Inc
SLG SL Green Realty Corp
SLGN Silgan Holdings Inc.
SM SM Energy Co
SMCI Super Micro Computer, Inc.
SMG Scotts Miracle-Gro Co
SMP Standard Motor Products, Inc.
SMRT Stein Mart, Inc.
SMTC Semtech Corporation
SNA Snap-on Incorporated
SNCR Synchronoss Technologies, Inc.
SNH Senior Housing Properties Trust
SNI Scripps Networks Interactive, Inc.
SNPS Synopsys, Inc.
SNV Synovus Financial Corp.
SO Southern Co
SON Sonoco Products Co
SONC Sonic Corporation
SPG Simon Property Group Inc
SPGI S&P Global Inc
SPH Suburban Propane Partners LP
SPLS Staples, Inc.
SPN Superior Energy Services, Inc.
SPOK Spok Holdings, Inc.
SPPI Spectrum Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
SPSC SPS Commerce, Inc.
SPTN SpartanNash Co
SR Spire Inc
SRCL Stericycle Inc
SRDX SurModics, Inc.
SRE Sempra Energy
SSD Simpson Manufacturing Co, Inc.
SSI Stage Stores Inc
SSP E. W. Scripps Co
SSTK Shutterstock Inc
STBA S & T Bancorp Inc
STC Stewart Information Services Corp
STE Steris PLC
STI SunTrust Banks, Inc.
STL Sterling Bancorp
STLD Steel Dynamics, Inc.
STRA Strayer Education Inc
STT State Street Corp
STWD Starwood Property Trust, Inc.
STX Seagate Technology PLC
STZ Constellation Brands, Inc.
SUP Superior Industries International Inc
SUPN Supernus Pharmaceuticals Inc
SWK Stanley Black & Decker, Inc.
SWKS Skyworks Solutions Inc
SWM Schweitzer-Mauduit International, Inc.
SWN Southwestern Energy Company
SXC SunCoke Energy Inc
SXI Standex Int’l Corp.
SXT Sensient Technologies Corporation
SYF Synchrony Financial
SYK Stryker Corporation
SYKE Sykes Enterprises, Incorporated
SYMC Symantec Corporation
SYY SYSCO Corporation
T AT&T Inc.
TAP Molson Coors Brewing Co
TBI Trueblue Inc
TCBI Texas Capital Bancshares Inc
TCF TCF Financial Corporation
TCO Taubman Centers, Inc.
TDC Teradata Corporation
TDG TransDigm Group Incorporated
TDS Telephone & Data Systems, Inc.
TDW Tidewater Inc.
TDY Teledyne Technologies Incorporated
TECD Tech Data Corp
TEL TE Connectivity Ltd
TER Teradyne, Inc.
TESO Tesco Corporation (USA)
TEX Terex Corporation
TFX Teleflex Incorporated
TGNA Tegna Inc
TGT Target Corporation
THC Tenet Healthcare Corp
TIF Tiffany & Co.
TJX TJX Companies Inc
TMK Torchmark Corporation
TMO Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.
TRIP Tripadvisor Inc
TROW T. Rowe Price Group Inc
TRV Travelers Companies Inc
TSCO Tractor Supply Company
TSE:ARE Aecon Group Inc
TSE:CEU CES Energy Solutions Corp
TSE:CFP Canfor Corporation
TSE:CG Centerra Gold Inc.
TSE:CGX Cineplex Inc
TSE:CHE.UN Chemtrade Logistics Income Fund
TSE:CIX CI Financial Corp
TSE:CJR.B Corus Entertainment Inc.
TSE:CLS Celestica Inc
TSE:CM Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce
TSE:CNQ Canadian Natural Resources Limited
TSE:CNR Canadian National Railway Company
TSE:CP Canadian Pacific Railway Limited
TSE:CPG Crescent Point Energy Corp
TSE:CPX Capital Power Corp
TSE:CR Crew Energy Inc
TSE:CRR.UN Crombie Real Estate Investment Trust
TSE:CSH.UN Chartwell Retirement Residences
TSE:CSU Constellation Software Inc.
TSE:CTC.A Canadian Tire Corporation Limited
TSE:CU Canadian Utilities Limited
TSE:CVE Cenovus Energy Inc
TSE:CWB Canadian Western Bank
TSE:DDC Dominion Diamond Corp
TSE:D.UN Dream Office Real Estate Investment Trst
TSE:IGM IGM Financial Inc.
TSE:INE Innergex Renewable Energy Inc
TSE:IPL Inter Pipeline Ltd
TSE:ITP Intertape Polymer Group
TSE:IVN Ivanhoe Mines Ltd
TSE:JE Just Energy Group Inc
TSE:KDX Klondex Mines Ltd
TSE:KEL Kelt Exploration Ltd
TSE:KXS Kinaxis Inc
TSE:LNR Linamar Corporation
TSE:LUC Lucara Diamond Corp
TSE:LUN Lundin Mining Corporation
TSE:SAP Saputo Inc.
TSE:SCL Shawcor Ltd
TSE:SES Secure Energy Services Inc
TSE:SGY Surge Energy Inc
TSE:SJ Stella-Jones Inc
TSE:SJR.B Shaw Communications Inc
TSE:SLF Sun Life Financial Inc
TSE:SMF Semafo Inc.
TSE:SNC Snc-Lavalin Group Inc
TSE:SPB Superior Plus Corp.
TSE:SPE Spartan Energy Corp
TSE:SSL Sandstorm Gold Ltd
TSE:SSO Silver Standard Resources Inc.
TSE:STN Stantec Inc.
TSE:SU Suncor Energy Inc.
TSE:SW Sierra Wireless, Inc.
TSE:TA TransAlta Corporation
TSE:TCL.A Transcontinental Inc.
TSE:TCN Tricon Capital Group Inc
TSE:TD Toronto-Dominion Bank
TSE:TECK.B Teck Resources Ltd
TSE:tFII TFI International Inc
TSN Tyson Foods, Inc.
TSO Tesoro Corporation
TSS Total System Services, Inc.
TWX Time Warner Inc
TXN Texas Instruments Incorporated
TXT Textron Inc.
UA Under Armour Inc
UAA Under Armour Inc
UHS Universal Health Services, Inc.
ULTA Ulta Beauty Inc
UNH UnitedHealth Group Inc
UNIT Uniti Group Inc
UNM Unum Group
UNP Union Pacific Corporation
UPS United Parcel Service, Inc.
URBN Urban Outfitters, Inc.
URI United Rentals, Inc.
USB U.S. Bancorp
UTX United Technologies Corporation
V Visa Inc
VAR Varian Medical Systems, Inc.
VIAB Viacom, Inc.
VLO Valero Energy Corporation
VMC Vulcan Materials Company
VNO Vornado Realty Trust
VRSK Verisk Analytics, Inc.
VRSN Verisign, Inc.
VRTX Vertex Pharmaceuticals Incorporated
VTR Ventas, Inc.
VZ Verizon Communications Inc.
WAT Waters Corporation
WBA Walgreens Boots Alliance Inc
WDC Western Digital Corp
WEC WEC Energy Group Inc
WFC Wells Fargo & Co
WFM Whole Foods Market, Inc.
WHR Whirlpool Corporation
WIN Windstream Holdings, Inc.
WM Waste Management, Inc.
WMB Williams Companies Inc
WMT Wal-Mart Stores Inc
WNR Western Refining, Inc.
WPX WPX Energy Inc
WR Westar Energy Inc
WRK WestRock Co
WU The Western Union Company
WWW Wolverine World Wide, Inc.
WY Weyerhaeuser Co
WYN Wyndham Worldwide Corporation
WYNN Wynn Resorts, Limited
X United States Steel Corporation
XEL Xcel Energy Inc
XL XL Group Ltd.
XLNX Xilinx, Inc.
XOM Exxon Mobil Corporation
XRX Xerox Corp
XYL Xylem Inc
YUM Yum! Brands, Inc.
ZBH Zimmer Biomet Holdings Inc
ZION Zions Bancorp
ZTS Zoetis Inc
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