A-List Report Preview

A-List Report

Quarterly Report summarizing the top rated companies in the MG Universe.


  • Table showing for each company:
    • Ticker
    • Name
    • Link to latest MG Valuation
    • Current MG Grade
    • Investor Type
    • MG Value
    • Recent Price
    • Price as a Percent of MG Value
    • Price / Earnings Per Share – ModernGraham (PEmg Ratio)
    • Graham Number
    • Price as a Percent of Graham Number
    • Net Current Asset Value
    • Price as a Percent of Net Current Asset Value
    • Dividend Yield
    • Number of consecutive years of dividend growth
  • List of New Additions/Removals from the A-List Report


$100 for an individual report


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Cancellation and Refunds:  If you are unhappy with your subscription for any reason, please send an email to ben@moderngraham.com to cancel.  If immediate cancellation is requested, a pro-rated refund of the most recent subscription fee will be issued.  If you would like to simply cancel at the end of your current billing cycle, the recurring payment will be stopped.

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