Intelligent Investor Bundle Preview

 Intelligent Investor Bundle

A bundle designed for individual investors.


Individual Company Valuations

Access to each company’s individual valuation by ModernGraham

 Stocks & Screens

A monthly PDF and spreadsheet listing the stocks in the MG Universe and screening them based on various criteria.

 Blue Chip Report

A monthly report on the ModernGraham valuation of the Dow Jones Industrial Average


  • Suitability for the Defensive Investor or the Enterprising Investor - Testing the company based on Ben Graham’s metrics.
  • Determination of Intrinsic Value - Estimate of Intrinsic Value based on the Graham Formula
  • Additional Information at time of valuation including:
    • Earnings Per Share – ModernGraham 
    • Growth Estimate
    • ModernGraham Grade
    • Market Implied Growth Rate
    • Net Current Asset Value
    • Graham Number
    • Price/Earnings – ModernGraham
    • Current Ratio
    • Price to Book Ratio
    • Dividend Yield
    • Number of Consecutive Years of Dividend Growth
    • Most Recent Balance Sheet Key Figures
    • Earnings Per Share History
    • Earnings Per Share – ModernGraham History
  • Downloadable PDF Version of the Valuation – For easy printing and your own record-keeping.


  • Table of all companies in the MG Universe listing key figures
  • Screens of the MG Universe for:
    • Undervalued Companies
    • Fairly Valued Companies
    • Lowest PEmg Ratio – Defensive Investor
    • Lowest PEmg Ratio – Enterprising Investor
    • Stocks Trading Closest to Net Current Asset Value
    • Companies Trading Close to 52 Week High
    • Companies Trading Close to 52 Week Low
    • Companies with the Highest Beta
    • Companies with the Lowest Beta
    • Undervalued Companies with a High Dividend Yield
    • Companies Trading Below Their Graham Number
    • Dividend Growth Companies
  • Table Summarizing Each Component of the Dow Jones Industrial Average including a valuation of the index as a whole.


  • ModernGraham’s Valuation of the Dow Jones Industrial Average based on a calculation of each component’s individual valuation.
  • The overall PEmg rating of the Dow Jones Industrial Average based on an average of the PEmg rating of all components of the index.
  • Table Summarizing Each Company’s Most Recent ModernGraham Valuation including the company’s qualification for Defensive or Enterprising Investors, estimated value, PEmg, and dividend yield.


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