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26 Companies in the Spotlight This Week – 11/22/14

We evaluated 26 different companies this week to determine whether they are suitable for Defensive Investors, those unwilling to do substantial research, or Enterprising Investors, those who are willing to do such research. We also put each company through the ModernGraham valuation model based on Benjamin Graham’s value investing formulas in order to determine an intrinsic value for each. Here’s a summary of the ModernGraham Valuations.

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The Walt Disney Company Annual Valuation – 2014 $DIS

After reviewing the data, it is clear that conservative value investors may wish to seek other opportunities. The Defensive Investor is concerned with the low current ratio in combination with the high PEmg and PB ratios, while the Enterprising Investor has concerns with the high level of debt relative to the current assets.

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Feature Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday – One Share Challenge

While popular culture often portrays the stock market as filled with extremely wealthy people who have millions to throw around, the reality is that anyone can make money in the stock market. For this week’s Throwback Thursday, I thought I’d take a look at what just ONE little share could have done for you over the past 20 years.

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ModernGraham Valuation: The Walt Disney Company (DIS)

The Walt Disney Company is another stalwart of the American business world. The company has fairly strong financials and has a very strong history of earnings growth. Unfortunately, Defensive Investors and Enterprising Investors following the approaches set forth in Benjamin Graham’s The Intelligent Investor set very stringent requirements for the companies in which they invest, and Disney does not pass those requirements.

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Valuation: Walt Disney Company (DIS)

 Company Profile:  Walt Disney Company (DIS) (obtained via Google Finance) The Walt Disney Company, together with its subsidiaries, is a diversified worldwide entertainment company. The Company operates in four segments: Media Networks, which includes a domestic broadcast television network, domestic television stations, cable/satellite networks and international broadcast operations, television production and distribution, domestic broadcast radio […]

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