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9 Best Stocks for Value Investors This Week – 12/17/16

I evaluated 34 different companies this week to determine whether they are suitable for Defensive Investors, those unwilling to do substantial research, or Enterprising Investors, those who are willing to do such research. I also put each company through the ModernGraham valuation model based on Benjamin Graham’s value investing formulas in order to determine an intrinsic value for each. Out of those 34 companies, only 9 were found to be undervalued or fairly valued and suitable for either Defensive or Enterprising Investors. Therefore, these 9 companies are the best undervalued stocks of the week.

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Pharmaceuticals Stocks

SciClone Pharmaceuticals Inc Valuation – Initial Coverage $SCLN

SciClone Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is suitable for the Enterprising Investor but not the more conservative Defensive Investor. The Defensive Investor is concerned with the small size, insufficient earnings stability or growth over the last ten years, and the poor dividend history, and the high PEmg and PB ratios.

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