Feature Throwback Thursday

Looking Back at the DJIA in July 2008 – Throwback Thursday

In July 2008, I analyzed the Dow Jones Industrial Average (“DJIA”) to determine its overall valuation. Since then, it has risen to 16,424.85, a rise of 44%. But as I was looking through the archives to select a topic for this Throwback Thursday, I wondered how did the components that were rated well by the ModernGraham valuation model end up working out? Did they beat the DJIA? That’s what we’ll look at today.

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Bargain Basement Feature

Throwback Thursday: A Look Back on the Bargain Basement Portfolio

New on ModernGraham is a look at old posts on Throwback Thursdays. Back in 2009 at the depths of the bear market, we created the Bargain Basement Portfolio, a mock portfolio that sought to invest in companies trading below their Net Working Capital. Here’s a look back at how it has performed since its last review.

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