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Best Stocks Below Their Graham Number – August 2017

One popular approach to investing based on Benjamin Graham’s methods is to use the so-called “Graham Number.”  There are some important differences between the Graham Number and the Graham Formula, but using the Graham Number is definitely useful even if the investor only uses it as a screening tactic. I’ve selected the best companies reviewed […]

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5 Undervalued Canadian Stocks for Intelligent Investors – February 2017

There are a number of great companies in the market today. By using the ModernGraham Valuation Model, I’ve selected the most undervalued Canadian companies reviewed by ModernGraham. Each company has been determined to be suitable for the Defensive Investor and/or the Enterprising Investor according to the ModernGraham approach.

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15 Best Stocks for Value Investors This Week – 1/14/17

I evaluated 53 different companies this week to determine whether they are suitable for Defensive Investors, those unwilling to do substantial research, or Enterprising Investors, those who are willing to do such research. I also put each company through the ModernGraham valuation model based on Benjamin Graham’s value investing formulas in order to determine an intrinsic value for each. Out of those 53 companies, only 15 were found to be undervalued or fairly valued and suitable for either Defensive or Enterprising Investors. Therefore, these 15 companies are the best undervalued stocks of the week.

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